Gan Barlagy

Hematology Tests    
Hematocrit (Hct)   40-52% (Male)
    37-46% (Female)
    31-43% (Child)
Hemoglobin (Hgb)   13.2-16.2 gm/dL (Male)
    12.0-15.2 gm/dL (Female)
Red Blood Cell Count (RBC)   4.3-6.2×106/µL (Male)
    3.8-5.5×106/µL (Female)
    3.8-5.5×106/µL (Infant/Child)
White Blood Cell Count (WBC)   4.1-10.9×103/µL
  Polymorphonuclear Cells (polys) 35-80%
  Immature Polys (bands) 0-10%
  lymphocytes (lymp) 20-50%
  monocytes (mono) 2-12%
  eosinophils (eos) 0-7%
  basophils (bas) 0-2%
Platelet Count (Plt)   140-450×103/µL
Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW) Coefficient of variation 11.5-14.5%
  standard deviation 35-47 fL
RBC Mean Cell Volume (MCV)   82-102 fL (Male)
    78-101 fL (Female)
Mean Cell Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC)   31-35 gm/dL
CD4+   31-63%
    416-1751/µL (Absolute #)
Reticulocyte   0.5-1.5% (Adult)
    1.1-4.5% (Newborn)
    0.5-3.1% (Infant)
Prothrombin Time (PT)   12-14 seconds
Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT)   18-28 seconds
Fibrinogen   170-420 mg/dL
Iron Studies    
Total Serum Iron (TSI)   76-198 µg/dL (Male)
    26-170 µg/dL (Female)
Total Iron-Binding Capacity (TIBC)   262-474 µg/dL
Transferrin   204-360 mg/dL
Ferritin   18-250 ng/mL (Male)
    12-160 ng/mL (Female)


Chemistry Tests  
Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) 5-35 U/L
Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) 7-56 U/L
Albumin 3.5-4.8 U/L
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) 38-126 U/L
Amylase 30-110 U/L
Anti-streptolysin O Titer (ASO) <250 (school age)
  <125 (adult)
Bicarbonate 22-26 mEq/L
Bilirubin, direct <0.3 mg/dL
Bilirubin, total 0.2-1.3 mg/dL
Calcium 8.9-10.4 mg/dL
Cholesterol 120-200 mg/dL
Creatinine 0.5-1.4 mg/dL
Gamma GT 8-78 U/L
Glucose 65-110 mg/dL
Lipase 7-60 U/L
Potassium 3.6-5.0 mEq/L
Sodium 137-145 mEq/L
Total Protein 6.3-8.2 gm/dL
Triglyceride 50-250 mg/dL
Uric Acid 3.5-8.5 mg/dL
Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 7-21 mg/dL


Cardiac Tests  
Total CK 38-120 ng/mL
CK-MB 0-3 ng/mL
CK-index 0-3
Troponin <0.4 ng/mL


Blood Gas  
pH 7.34-7.44
pCO2 35-45 mmHg
pO2 75-100 mmHg
HCO3 22-26 mEq/L


Specific gravity   1.002-1.030
pH   5-7
Protein   negative-trace
Glucose   negative
Ketone   negative
Bilirubin   negative
Blood   negative
Nitrite   negative
Leukocyte   negative
Urobilinogen   0.2-1.0 Ehr U/dL
  RBCs 0-2/HPF
  WBCs 0-2/HPF
  RBC casts 0/HPF


Glucose 50-80 ng/dL
Protein 15-45 mg/dL
RBCs 0/µL
WBCs 0-3/µL


T3-total 60-181 ng/mL
T4-free 0.8-1.5 ng/dL
T4-total 5.5-12.3 ng/mL
TBG 12-30 mg/L
Tyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) 0.4-4.5 µIU/mL


17-OHCS <4 mg/day
Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone (ACTH) 20-100 pg/mL
Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP), serum 0-44 ng/mL
Beta-HCG <5 mU/mL (Male, non-pregnant Female)
CA 19-9 <40 U/mL
Prolactin 0-14 ng/mL


Rheumatoid Factor <30 IU/mL
Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) 0-4 ng/mL

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